A brief history of the Rabbit

Rabbits cause damage to crops, livestock, businesses and infrastructure. You'll know only too well if you’re on the receiving end of their voracious appetites and vigorous breeding habits. Rabbits breed from the age of 4 months, producing 5-6 litters of approx. 6 young each year. It's easy to see how a rabbit problem can explode out of control!

Introduced by the Romans & kept in walled enclosures & served up as a gourmet dish, Rabbits are once again making a come-back as a 'trendy' table food. Being featured on such TV shows as 'Masterchef' & 'Great British Menu', the humble bunny is now once again becoming a sought after food source.

Whilst Man has tried over the years to clear the rabbit population with the introduction of Viral diseases such as Myxomatosis, they just keep fighting back. So a more controlled method is required to keep these pests at bay - Ferreting !

Being infested by Rabbits is no joke - they can cause damage to high value crops, erosion of land, unstable land due to tunnelling, even in extreme circumstances death of livestock (I have a farmer who lost a bull due to falling into a bury - snapping his leg -resulting in having to put the animal down - approx. cost of loss £3,000)

As landowners, there is the legal obligation for you to prevent rabbit damage on neighbouring land.

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